Little things…a Re-union of sorts!!

There was a day in my life when all i wanted to be happy was to see my mum in a saree or may be a bowl of Suji ki Kheer (porridge that is, for the angrez out there!!)..

Suddenly, when i remembered these today, it set me off to think if i agree with so many people around who are hell bent at proving that as we grow up, we tend to become materialistic..that the charm of the LITTLE THINGS in life withers away…that it gets replaced by aspirations that we dream of while asleep and chase while awake..that relationships if personal, are low on the priority list and if professional, the most sought!

Without being judgemental, i decided to peep into my inner self and understand how materialistic i had become (it sure would lead me to some kind of a revelation that you must watch out for!). As i sat down to think, the best way of analysing my own reasons of happiness turned out to go down the memory lane and pick up one such moment that i still rejoice in. No, it has not been ages since that happened.

It was just about, 10 days back. A long lost friend called up after months (don’t even remember how many!!) and then as we started talking, we got along as well as a house on fire. It took us minutes to reconnect and the gap of months or may be years seemed to evaporate fast enough to bring us as close as i always remembered us to be! Let me tell you, that here i am talking about a friend who has been amongst the few people i have really been close to in my LIFE! The thrill of being back in touch was more than suffiucient to engulf the pangs of isolation that i faced when the whole relationship had come to a standstill at some point in time in our lives… The obvious questions that led to finding faults or resurrecting seemed pointless and a waste of time. What mattered was excitement that echoed loud and clear in the conversation, the threads that took no time in connecting, the never ending ” KISSE” of each other’s lives and finally, US…just the two of US and those innumerable tests of time that both of us, who are so very different from each other, have managed to withstand and overcome.

Now, isn’t this a classic exmaple of how LITTLE THINGS go a long way in getting us the kind of happiness that no so called ” materialsitic’ stuff ever can! So, my dear friend out there…yess, U…who had the GUTS to do it! This one’s for you…n all those PEOPLE around who think that the LITTLE THINGs don’t matter enough..think again..think harder…n may be, use a little bit of your HEART there!